Façade cladding | Lemahieu Group

The façade in harmony with its surroundings

We frequently use timber façade cladding for contemporary architecture with respect for the environment. This is not only due to the various techniques used to preserve timber, but also due to the huge range on offer, which means that everyone can find a look that matches the appearance of the building.


With a range of profiles in various types of timber, the design options are endless: horizontally or vertically installed profiles or a combination of both; open or closed façade cladding, etc.

Hard-wearing timber with a long lifespan

Not all timber is suitable for façade cladding. Some may warp or tear. Moreover, under the influence of UV light and the weather, some timber does not go through its ageing process smoothly. We can advise you on the right selection of timber, preservation, profile, or finish.

Give your home a natural and luxurious appearance with the beautiful shades of Cedar shingles. The shingles are made from western red cedar, one of the most hard-wearing types of softwood in the world.

Increase the reaction to fire classification

Fire safety is an essential issue for project construction as well as private house construction.

Our fire-retardant treatment of timber and panels with Burnblock® will increase the reaction to fire classification up to B-s1,d0.

The 100% natural fire-retardant Burnblock®, used to impregnate the timber, will not change the timber’s colours* and guarantees a façade that meets the required reaction to fire classification in accordance with European regulations.

*Remark: changes in color may occur in oak.