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Timber construction

Lemahieu Timber Import offers a wide range of products for timber constructions. As wood importer we elect both solid timber and highly technically developed timber products (Engineered Wood Products) with the greatest care.

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Construction timber


Softwood has the advantage of offering an excellent quality/price ratio. They have a low weight in relation to their mechanical resistance and are also available in abundance in European sustainably managed forests.


We import:

  • Deal and Norway spruce from Northern Europe

  • Pine and Norway pine from Northern Europe

  • European Douglas fir or Oregon pine from North America



LS stands for Scandinavian Lumber Standard, a reference to the origin and current standardisation, but generally refers to solid deal, planed on 4 sides and with rounded corners in wood strength C18/C24 (EN 338).


SLS naturally has a limited durability class and usage class and is thus only suitable for indoor applications. Optionally, this wood can be preserved by immersion or impregnation to place it in usage class 2 (EN 335): wood not suitable for ground contact or exterior applications, but which can withstand temporary moisture.


Dimensions currently in stock :

  • THICKNESS: 38 and 45 mm
  • WIDTH : 58, 63, 89, 140, 184 and 235 mm
  • LENGTHS : 2.10 to 6 m (per 0.3 m)



KVH® or KonstruktionsVollHolz refers to solid structural wood with precisely defined product characteristics (EN 14081-1). The wood is dried in the oven, then sorted for strength, usually up to C24, and processed to make finger-jointed solid deal wood products (EN 15497:2014).


Due to the production method used and the low moisture content, these products do not tend to crack and are dimensionally stable. (source: www.kvh.eu)

Laminated beams


Laminated beams are composed of deal planks sorted by strength, finger-jointed into long slats, which are then planed, glued and compressed. During this process, the grain of the wood is the same for all glued sections, so that in this regard the product is comparable to a natural, solid piece of wood.


Laminated wood thus has a higher strength and stiffness than dimensional wood of comparable size.



Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a structural, technically developed wood product, made up of glued veneer layers. Depending on the type of LVL, the veneers all run longitudinally or some veneers are glued cross-wise. The most important characteristics of LVL are the high strength, stiffness, straightness and dimensional stability.

Steico I-joist


An I-joist is a structural, technically developed wood product, made up of an upper and lower flange of LVL.


The flanges are glued to hardboard core plate in a fully automated production process with strict quality control to ensure that they are moisture-resistant. Drilling of the core plate to provide passages for ventilation channels and other conduits is possible, provided that certain project-related rules of thumb are followed.



Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is produced on the basis of strength-sorted and finger-jointed deal slats. Unlike laminated wood, these are glued cross-wise in relation to each other and in various layers, using PU or MUF glue; they are subsequently compressed to form large panels. As an alternative for glued panels, panels with aluminium nails or dowel joints are also available on the market.


This results in a solid wood construction element that can be used as a structural wall, floor or roof element.

STEICO wood fibre insulation


In a well-insulated house, one clearly lives better. And STEICO insulation materials provide even more comfort.

In winter, STEICO wood fiber insulation materials create a pleasant feeling. The natural insulation materials envelop the house like a protective winter coat, keeping the valuable warmth inside. In a wellinsulated house, the indoor temperature of walls and ceilings also rises automatically

Cut from the right wood

Our wide-ranging timber and panel knowledge, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials cohere to guarantee ecologically sound applications for indoors and outdoors. Do you want more information about our products or already know exactly what you want to put in our capable hands?