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Wood, the material for a sustainable future

Every process, division and product is imbued with sustainability. With investments in the very latest, most ecological technologies and product innovations, we maximize the sustainable character of our most beloved raw material: wood. Sustainability is permeated in everything we do, from purchasing to production and from investments to personnel management.

More than 70% from sustainably managed forests

Over 70% of our products comes from sustainably managed forests and, therefore, meets the highest standards, guaranteed by PEFC or FSC® certification. Lemahieu-Lempan strictly complies with the EUTR directives. In this way, we guarantee that only legally harvested timber is used and our partners receive fair prices.


The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) has been in force since 3 March 2013. The EUTR is part of the European Union Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Action Plan (FLEGT).


In connection with this, a Due Diligence System (DDS) was established as a guide for the procurement of timber products, in order to ensure compliance with the company’s policy on responsible and legal sourcing.


The purpose of this guide is to ensure that the sourcing and procurement of timber products follows this Due Diligence System to minimise the risk of sourcing or marketing products of unknown or illegal origin.


A Responsible Procurement Policy Statement is also available.


A quality product starts at the basics

Just like you, we want to be able to have confidence in the products we purchase. That's why our purchasing team takes great care in the selection of timber and panels and works with partners who share our vision and passion for timber. They are all suppliers who, like you, are proud of their products and value quality highly.

For us, quality timber also means legally and sustainably harvested timber. We are very strict in making sure that the timber and panels purchased worldwide conform to EUTR legislation.

Treated with respect

We treat natural, high-quality raw materials with respect. Timber that is still too damp to be machined will go to our drying chambers.

Our storage areas have been constructed in such a way as to provide maximum ventilation so that the timber can also be dried naturally during storage.


Fast deliveries with our own trucks

We work with our own drivers as well as external companies to ensure a fast and efficient delivery service.

We have 4 trucks and 22 trailers to serve our customers in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Timber gives oxygen

No other building material has as many environmental benefits as timber. Trees not only store CO₂ during their lifetime, but logging is becoming increasingly regulated every year, which means that sustainably managed forests are gradually becoming the norm.

The Lemahieu Group has been committed to responsible forest management by being FSC-certified since 2002 and PEFC-certified since 2006.


Building in timber contributes to the much-needed CO₂ reduction. So, it’s no surprise that timber is seen as the building material of the future. However, there are often still too many restrictions on the use of timber in all construction applications. By investing in the latest, most environmentally-friendly technologies and product innovations, we want to encourage and expand the use of timber and panels in construction and interior design.

This vision was confirmed by:

  1. The establishment of our subsidiary LDCwood, so that ThermoWood® can now be produced in Belgium.

  2. A new division, Lemahieu Fire Protection®, which broadens timber applications in the project market by treating timber and panels with fire-retardant to achieve the required reaction to fire classification.

  3. The expansion of our impregnation capacity will increase our range of preserved local timber species.

Climate Strategy and LEAN philosophy

As a follower of the LEAN philosophy, we focus on creating value for our customers and employee satisfaction in all our business processes. This also means that we track and resolve any waste issues in our flow, such as overproduction, unnecessary waiting times, unused assets. This also includes a responsible energy policy and making employees aware of the energy consumption of appliances, packaging, and waste management.

Our actions for a sustainable future

The recovery of rainwater in our production process.

The heating of our production site on timber shavings.

The installation of a wind turbine that supplies us with green electricity.

We aim to import 100% wood from sustainably managed forests.

The machinery in Ostend runs entirely on locally produced green energy thanks to our solar panels.

At Lemahieu Group we want to create a pleasant working environment for our employees by keeping an eye on development
opportunities, informal activities and business facilities. In this way, we strive to ensure that everyone enjoys coming to work with full conviction.

A strong foundation to safeguard the future of our customers and employees

Wood literally oxygenates our planet, but also our internal activities and relationships with our stakeholders. We see suppliers as our partners: We build long-term relationships with mutual respect and trust.


By purchasing timber with FSC® and PEFC certification, we give priority to suppliers who take into account the local population and contribute to their well-being, and who allow workers to work in proper and safe conditions.


But our employees are our most precious assets. Every day, they are committed to shaping the future of timber as a sustainable building material. We want to achieve an inclusive work organisation where all employees are respected and treated equally.


Lemahieu Group wants to create a pleasant working environment in its branches in Ghent and Ostend by focusing on development opportunities, informal activities, and business facilities.

Cut from the right wood

Our wide-ranging timber and panel knowledge, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials cohere to guarantee ecologically sound applications for indoors and outdoors. Do you want more information about our products or already know exactly what you want to put in our capable hands?