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Hard-wearing alternative to hardwood

ThermoWood® has the same hard-wearing properties as tropical hardwood. LDCwood® ThermoWood® is moisture-resistant and, therefore, extremely suitable for façade cladding and decking.


Patented process


Large production capacity


FSC®, PEFC or OLB-certified


Product development

Our wood types


  • ThermoWood® Ash

  • ThermoWood® Pine

  • ThermoWood® Spruce

  • ThermoWood® Ayous

  • ThermoWood® Fraké

  • ThermoWood® Poplar

  • ThermoWood® Radiata Pine

  • ThermoWood® Red Oak


All LDCwood products have full OLB, FSC®, or PEFC certification.

All the unique properties of our LDCwood® ThermoWood®

Long lifespan

The timber will last longer


Thermal modification increases the durability class

Resistant to insects


20-25% lower thermal conduction than unmodified wood.

100% natural

Free of resin and chemicals

Low emission

55-82% less volatile organic compounds

Low moisture content

40-50% lower

Perfect for indoors, outdoors, facade cladding and decking

The thermal modification increases the durability of the wood (up to durability class 1) and improves its quality. As a result, LDCwood® ThermoWood® is mainly used for facade, wall or terrace cladding, furniture, sun blinds, ...


Looking for a unique pattern?


Our grinding shop designs and produces profiles tailored to your requirements.

Popular profiles


LDC Mora


100% natural heat process with steam and water

With our 6 production kilns, we preserve wood based on the 100% natural Finnish technique known as the reference for thermally modified wood. Heat, water and steam are central to this standardised process.

International ThermoWood® Association

LDCwood is a member of the International ThermoWood® Association which allows LDCwood products to be officially sold under the ThermoWood® quality label. Together with the other members, we undertake to carry out further research into the use of thermally-treated timber and its properties.

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