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Some points of attention regarding the fire retardant treatment of wood

With Lemahieu Fire Protection®, we can give timber products a fire-retardant treatment with Burnblock® in our autoclave under pressure.

At our production site in Ostend, we treat the timber or panels fire retardant in accordance with the EN14915:2013 standard. Afterwards, the fire-retardant treated wood is dried on site and can be further processed according to your choice: planing, painting, preserving...


If you wish to purchase fire retardant timber from Lemahieu Fire Protection®, please take the following into account:


  • Essential minimum volume of 1.3 m³.

  • Battening is essential:

    • profile thickness up to 28 mm = per 2 profiles (no marking on the visible side)

    • profile thickness from 28 mm = per unit (marking possible on the visible side)

  • Timber treated with Burnblock® undergoes little to no change of colour and structure. Take note for oak: significant colour changes may occur here.

  • During the drying process, a visible white film may form on the surface of the timber. This is a logical result of the drying process. The white film can be removed with a brush, cloth or water.

  • Timber treated with fire retardant can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Timber treated with fire retardant is durable over time. The durability over time is guaranteed in accordance with BS EN 16755:2017. 

  • Delivery period: 4 - 7 weeks.


Want to know more?

Do you wish to receive more information or advice concerning the reaction to fire classes, don't hesitate to contact our Technical sales advisor.



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