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No coating is required to counteract leaching

The timber/panels treated with fire retardant, Burnblock®, by Lemahieu Fire Protection® don't require a coating in order to counteract leaching.

The durability of the treatment over time is guaranteed without coating for external applications.


Durability according to BS EN 16755: 2017 standard

For this purpose, tests are being carried out in accordance with EN927-6, one of the three test options within the new BS EN16755:2017 standard. The test comprises an accelerated weathering process with UV and the equivalent of over 120 years of rain in Belgium.

The tests are carried out on ThermoWood® pine and Western Red Cedar and both retained reaction to fire class B, both before and after accelerated ageing, in accordance with test method ISO 5560-1: 2015.

Reaction to fire class B remains

The following applies to the durability of timber products treated with Burnblock® fire retardant using a vacuum/pressure:


The effect of the fire retardant characteristics decreases at a speed equal to the degradation/ageing of the timber itself.


This means that the effective level of fire retardant per unit of timber remains unchanged, thus allowing Burnblock® to retain the reaction to fire class B.

Cut from the right wood

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