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Learning is discovering

Learning is discovering

Lemahieu Academy

We do not keep our expertise in timber and panels to ourselves. We want to motivate, support, and help customers, construction professionals, students, etc. to grow by transferring our knowledge to them. Trends in the sector, relevant legislation, and practical cases are set out in personalised workshops and presentations tailored to the target audience.


The Academy Awards

  • True timber and board connoisseurs
  • Deep-rooted experience
  • Continuously updated knowledge
  • Completely personalised

Who is it for?


At the heart of our sustainable partnerships is the combination of our equally sustainable materials and the expertise we demonstrate time and time again in every partnership.


Through internships, guided tours, and presentations, we want to plant a seed in young people and students that can grow into a flourishing career in the timber sector.


Construction professionals undoubtedly already have a honed knowledge. Our Academy will help broaden your insights and surprise you with innovations.

In house training

The broad knowledge of our Lemahieu, LDCwood, and Lempan teams is shared internally, with new colleagues as well as existing colleagues to update their knowledge.

A good education can change anyone
A good teacher can change everything

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Lemahieu Academy - 626 x 781
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Our wide-ranging timber and panel knowledge, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials cohere to guarantee ecologically sound applications for indoors and outdoors. Do you want more information about our products or already know exactly what you want to put in our capable hands?