Big 'nature' factor

Big 'nature' factor

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Fire retardant

Fire retardant


The urban project, Les Saules combines quality living in a contemporary design with lots of green areas.


Many pleasant green spaces were implemented in an emerging urban area. Shared roof gardens, an urban watercourse, private roads, shops... give this new neighbourhood its own casual urban atmosphere, focused on conviviality and togetherness.

Les Saules is a fusion of contemporary design and nature. Lots of welcoming green spaces have been installed in an emerging urban area. Shared roof gardens, an urban watercourse, its own private roads, shops: all these facilities give the new district its own relaxed urban atmosphere, with a focus on conviviality and togetherness.


The Siberian larch cladding enhances the natural character of the project. Siberian larch is native to cold regions and therefore grows very slowly. This gives the wood a long life.


The small knots and beautiful markings of Siberian larch make it elegant and eye-catching.


In order to achieve the required reaction to fire classification, the wood was given a fire-retardant pre-treatment by Lemahieu Fire Protection®. The fire retardant, Burnblock®, which is impregnated into the wood under pressure, is 100% natural and biodegradable.


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