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Timber brings uniformity to your home, decking, and garden

Timber is more popular than ever in gardens. This authentic and hard-wearing material can be a real eye-catcher because of its natural character. The wide range of timber and preservation techniques available makes it very suitable for various applications.

The selection is determined by the timber's properties

Rain, wind, temperature fluctuations, insects, and fungi will affect the timber’s lifespan. This makes it essential to use a hard-wearing timber or preserved timber product for your outdoor project.


Garden timber in direct contact with the ground (decking, garden rooms, fences, carports, climbing frames, fencing posts, borders, etc.) must comply with Durability Class I, II or I-II, such as:

Tropical hardwood

African Padauk, Afzelia, Afrormosia, Red Meranti, Merbau, Ipé, Walaba, Cumaru, Massaranduba, and Itauba.

Softwood preserved in accordance with the A4.1 procedure

Pine (Class IV-V), deal (Class V), and European Oregon (Class III heartwood, Class V sapwood).

Thermally-treated timber

ThermoWood® ash, ThermoWood® deal, ThermoWood® pine, ThermoWood® ayous, ThermoWood® fraké.


The combination of acetylated wood fibres and MEDITE manufacturing technology makes it possible to use TRICOYA in situations that would not be suitable for regular MDF. This hard-wearing panel is guaranteed to last 50 years above ground and 25 years underground.

Our most popular outdoor products:

Thermowood® for water garden

ThermoWood® is also a sustainable choice for garden benches or ponds.