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Timber and panels are the building materials of the future

Timber and panels are indispensable in construction applications. Due to the growing environmental awareness, we have seen a positive evolution in the use of timber products, mainly in passive construction, but also for sheds and outbuildings.


Through research and increasing interest, the construction methods in timber have been evolving rapidly. In particular, timber-framed construction has gained a more prominent role.
Lemahieu-Lempan supplies deal, pine, Douglas, and larch for primary structures as well as plywood panels, OSB, or fibreboards for wind-bracing panels.

Product development in panels expands the fields of application

Due to their versatility and ease of use, timber products can be used in a variety of applications such as structural building elements, floors, furniture, or interior accents; from kitchens to stairs, in solid timber or sheeting material, they are easy to customise.

We have an extensive range of plywood, hardboard, softboard, chipboard, OSB, MDF, Rubberwood, etc. You can also come to us for guarantee plywood. Our products are available for quick delivery from stock.

LEMPAN Premium Hardwood®

Based on our customers’ requirements, LEMPAN Panel Import developed a plywood panel made of the best quality hardwood. LEMPAN Premium Hardwood® panels are very hard-wearing for a competitive price.

Extensive range of machinery

Thanks to our extensive range of machinery, we can plane and chamfer large sections of timber up to 300 x 400 mm for large roof trusses, timber constructions, prefabricated and timber-framed constructions. And this for lengths up to 15m.


We machine the timber on our 6-axis CNC ROBOT-Drive on the basis of a 3D design. The parts are numbered to guarantee a smooth installation and time savings for the contractor! Even beams with sections up to 300 x 650 mm and 15m long are no problem. Thanks to the automatic change between sixteen tools, all types of structural joints as well as stairs, handrails, etc. will be ready in no time at all.