MORPHOmat chooses thermowood® ayous

MORPHOmat chooses thermowood® ayous

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MORPHOmat, the specialists in environmentally-friendly and sustainable building materials in Doornik, had its showroom transformed into a true temple

With its trapezoidal ground plan and columns, their building is a real eye-catcher. A roof overhang was built because of the building facing south. MORPHOmat used the sustainable and environmentally-friendly ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood for the overhang’s cladding.

ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood:

  • has Durability Class I

  • is OLB-certified


Project file:

Description: Façade cladding in planed ThermoWood® ayous from LDCwood
Timber supplied to: Spanbo
Architects: Aude Architecten

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