Bicycle shed in brown impregnated pine

Bicycle shed in brown impregnated pine

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Vacuum pressure treatment

Vacuum pressure treatment



You can store your bicycle safely and dry in this impregnated pine bicycle shed. The construction wood was pressure-impregnated in our machinery, resulting in extra protection and an extended lifespan.

Pine wood

For this wooden construction, the choice was pine - one of the most commonly used softwood species, characterized by its combination of lighter and darker lines. We place great importance on sustainable and responsible forest management, which is why Lemahieu Timber Import's pine is always FSC® or PEFC certified.


Brown Impregnation
By impregnating the wood in brown with our Wolmanit CX-10 product, we not only extend its lifespan, but also provide preventive protection against harmful influences such as soft rot, fungi, and larvae of wood-boring insects. After this treatment, the wood can be exposed to weather conditions, without ground contact (use class 3).


Project sheet
Description: Construction in brown impregnated pine

Supplied and impregnated by Lemahieu Group


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