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New to our range: Lempan premium hardwood®


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A new type of plywood has been developed especially for Lempan Panel Import customers: LEMPAN PREMIUM HARDWOOD®, a plywood panel with a hardwood core, which combines stability and sustainability with aesthetics and ease of use.

The new plywood, widely usable due to its unique properties, both indoor and outdoor.

The core is made of the finest quality hardwood veneers. For the face veneers you can choose between hardwood or the ecological version with engineered veneers, E-Vision.



LEMPAN Premium Hardwood® is available in 2 versions:


Core: machine-jointed veneeringXX
Hardwood coreXX
Construction applicationXX
FSC®-certified (licence C001899)XX
Face veneer grades according to EN 636XX
Face veneer0.4 mm
placage de bois dur
0.4 mm
placage reconstitué


2500 x 1220 mm2140 x 1220 mm
9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 22mm18mm


LEMPAN Premium Hardwood®, standard or E-Vision, can be used for construction elements as well as furniture and other applications, both indoors, outdoor and in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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Roof edges, window frame panels, ...

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Roof panels, timber work, ...

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Bathrooms, kitchens, ...