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New to our range: European oak - KVH - LVL


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Timber construction

Wood preservation


Combined with our Hundegger machine park (planing bench-width sections and CNC processing centre) and an internal study service, we are also able to investigate your project questions if a ready-made solution is required.


This service is also available for contract work.


The name “oak” actually only applies to trees of the Quercus genus. If the name is used without an attachment, it designates wood from the European oak (Quercus petraea, the winter oak, or Quercus robur, the summer oak).
All our oak stock comes from France, which is a guarantee for high-quality and sustainable quality.


Our stock*:

PURLINS unplaned / rough section

BEAMS unplaned / rough sectionSWEDISH CLINING PANELS planed / clean sectionPANELS planed / clean section
90 x 60 mm150 x 150 mm
200 x 200 mm
250 x 250 mm
300 x 300 mm
23 x 160 mm22 x 126 mm


KVH® or KonstruktionsVollHolz is solid construction wood with clearly defined product features (EN 14081-1).

Typical KVH® constructions are pillars, supports and beams for (timber-frame) interior walls, where the dimensional stability requirements or width of sections exceed those of SLS.


Our stock*:

KVH95 mm120 mm145 mm184 mm200 mm220 mm240 mm280 mm
45 mmOOOO O  
60 mm    OOO 
80 mm    O O 
100 mm       O


Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a structural, technically developed wood product, made up of bonded veneer layers.

Depending on the type of LVL, the veneers all run longitudinally or some veneers are glued cross-wise.

The most important characteristics of LVL are its high strength, stiffness, straightness and dimensional stability. 


Our stock*:

LVL240 mm300 mm360 mm400 mm600 mm
45 mmOOOO 
75 mmOOOO