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Wood preservation

As proud as a peacock, we present our new collection of facade and wall cladding.

With Upgrade Nature, we offer you a range of carefully coated and brushed wood products.

In collaboration with Timfin, we have curated 44 products. Through the combination of wood type, color, and brushing, we've created an optimal balance between durability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability.

Discover the entire collection

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For every project the right solution

Our coated wood products offer endless creative possibilities.

Whether it's decking, furniture, striking architectural elements, or wall and facade cladding, our solutions seamlessly align with your customer's vision.


A natural start

The foundation of our collection consists of sustainable wood products perfectly suited for facade and wall cladding.

> LDCwood® ThermoWood® Fraké
> LDCwood® ThermoWood® Ayous
> LDCwood® ThermoWood® Spruce
> LDCwood® ThermoWood® Pine
> LDCwood® ThermoWood® Ash
> Lemahieu Douglas


Discover ThermoWood®

The profile determines the look

The profile plays an essential role in both the aesthetics and functionality of the end result.

The most common profiles at a glance:

> Rebated feather edge(LDC JAMY)
> Flat (LDC BANA)
> Ribbed (LDC SKYLINE)


Choose your color

Our 44 products are divided into the following color collections:

> Shades of Grey
Even weathering from the start

> The New Black
For a sleek architectural look in black

> Natural Look
Preserving the natural look of the wood

> World of Colors
A design statement by using color (RAL color on request)

colors 4

To brush or not to brush

Brushing brings out the texture of the wood. When we brush wood, we remove the soft wood fibers and create a rougher surface.

Brushing also provides a beautiful aesthetic value and contributes to a more durable product.


Sample box

In our sample box, you will find a selection of 20 products, a brochure, and QR codes that lead to the product data sheets of all 44 products.

Contact your Lemahieu representative to schedule an appointment.

Cut from the right wood

Our wide-ranging timber and panel knowledge, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials cohere to guarantee ecologically sound applications for indoors and outdoors. Do you want more information about our products or already know exactly what you want to put in our capable hands?