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Hundegger planer and robot-drive are operational


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The end of August saw a new addition to our new hall. The Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 650 and HM4-400 planer are now ready and operational.

The assembly

For seven weeks, three cameras recorded the complete assembly of our two new Hundeggers. Watch the video of its assembly.


  • automatic planing and chamfering machine for construction timber

  • process sections of 15 x 45 mm up to 300 x 400 mm

  • up to 15 metres

  • planing and chamfering on all 4-sides

 Technical data sheet


ROBOT-Drive 650

  • 6 axes

  • automatic tool change

  • complete and precise in one single run

  • up to 15 metres

  • for timber dimensions, min. 20 x 60 mm to 300 x 650 mm

 Technical data sheet


Roof structure for Lemahieu offices in Ostend

Vincent Claeys, CNC Coordinator at the Lemahieu Group, designed the new roof for our Ostend offices. The beams were planed on the new Hundegger HM4-400 and machined in accordance with the building plan on the Hundegger ROBOT-Drive 650.


The pre-drilled and milled beams ensured considerable time-savings for the contractor and a flawless installation.

Can the robot-drive support your project?

For our industrial clients, our new Hundeggers will machine large and medium-sized series in solid timber, CLS/SLS, LVL, I-beams, KVH, etc. Our Hundeggers will take care of custom work such as roof trusses, timber rafters, ridges, etc.


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