Lemahieu Group named official dealer for MEDITE SMARTPLY


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Since the beginning of this year, we have been part of MEDITE SMARTPLY's dealership program, a manufacturer of sustainably produced panel materials. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote the use of OSB and MDF panel materials and focus on quality and sustainability. For our 'panels' division, Lempan Panels, strong long-term relationships with their suppliers are the key to continuing to guarantee quality and service to our customers.

Innovative wood panel materials

Since 1988, Lempan Panels has been aan established name in the wood sector. Our customers can rely on a wide range of panel materials, short delivery times, and expert advice.


We adopt a very clear brand strategy. This diversification offers greater freedom of choice to our customers and also allows us to build strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of leading brands and niche products.


"Since 1997, we have been working together with MEDITE SMARTPLY for the purchase of standard MDF and OSB. Together, we have evolved over the years to offer a more diverse range with more special products for specific applications. We see them as a partner who shares our passion for the product and sustainability. This dealership program underscores for us the value of a long-term relationship," emphasizes Mike Lemahieu, CEO of Lemahieu Group.


Dealership with likeminded companies

"We are delighted to announce the launch of our MEDITE dealer network in Belgium," says Holly Waters-Marsh, Head of Marketing at MEDITE SMARTPLY. "MEDITE dealers are selected like-minded companies that share a common vision of the market and offer a range of value-added products, such as MEDITE OPTIMA, MEDITE MR PLUS, and MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX). The goal of the program is to work closely with MEDITE dealers to achieve new growth opportunities and offer solutions with lower CO2 emissions instead of less sustainable alternative materials. Additionally, we aim to make a positive impact on our broader supply chain through joint innovative marketing."

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Cut from the right wood

Our wide-ranging timber and panel knowledge, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials cohere to guarantee ecologically sound applications for indoors and outdoors. Do you want more information about our products or already know exactly what you want to put in our capable hands?