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Umweltauflagen und Zertifikate


Lemahieu Sustainability initiates and implements the sustainability program of Lemahieu Group and is committed to making ecologically and socially responsible choices in terms of human resources, production and purchasing.

Sustainable procurement
In addition to our strong focus on quality and innovation, sustainability is also in our DNA. More than 70% of our products are sourced from sustainably managed forests and therefore meet the highest standards, with PEFC® or FSC® certificates to guarantee sustainably harvested raw materials.
Lemahieu-Lempan strictly observes the EU Timber Regulation requirements so we can be certain that we do not purchase illegally harvested timber and that the producing countries are fairly paid.

Investing sustainable
Out of respect for the environment, we believe in wood as a sustainable (building) material and we invest in the very latest, most environmentally friendly technologies to achieve this:

-    ThermoWood®
-    Lemahieu FireProtection®
     with Burnblock®
-    Drenching and impregnation
    (CTB-B+ & ATG certified).

With respect for the environment
We treat our products with respect for the environment, but we also focus on sustainability within our 3 locations:

Rainwater harvesting in our production process.

  Heating of our production site using wood shavings.
 New wind turbine:
- 108 meter / Enercon E-82
- maximum capacity: 2,35 MW
- 4200 MWh / year = power need of 1.200 households.
    FSC-certified since 2002
number : SGSCH-COC-000909
FSC certificaat
PEFC-certified depuis 2006
number CH11/1205
PEFC certificaat

    'Hout geeft zuurstof'


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