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Fire retardant wood and panels

Together with Burnblock®, Lemahieu Group creates new fire retardant solutions for your timber and panels. The fire retardant Burnblock® is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

A number of wood types and panels (this list expands continuously) is yet B-s1,d0 certified in accordance with the European classification system EN 13501. Tested and certified by several independent European Institutions.

Our autoclave and oven are also available for third parties.

The advantages of wood and timber treated with Burnblock

  • Best results in the market in the field of fire-retardancy
  • Burnblock® has a certification according to the highest European standards regarding combustible materials, namely up to B-s1, d0.
  • Through vacuum/pressure impregnation, Burnblock® is incorporated in the wood product. After drying in our ultramodern oven it is ready to be processed by you or us.
  • There is no change in color or structure.
  • Both for indoor and outdoor applications.

About the product

  • Burnblock® is a 100% natural and non-toxic fire retardant. Burnblock® is effective on all types of absorbent material and certified to highest European standards.
  • 100 % sustainable
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • you will find all ingredients in food or the human body
  • No ingredients used in Burnblock® on EU REACH list
  • Energy efficient
  • PH neutral - no corrosion
  • Extremely low VOC
  • Effective on all absorbent materials: wood, veneer, textiles, paper etc.

The required reaction to fire class in project building

When it comes to cladding, one speaks of fire rating.
The legislator determines the required fire rating which is also included in the scope statement by
the architect. This depends on the nature, application and size of the building.
A fire rating can be required (D or B) or cannot be required (F), for instance when it comes to single family housing.

Download our white paper 'The required reaction to fire class for wood in project building"

“What health risks does Burnblock® represent? Some data indicate a slight irritation if Burnblock® should accidentally come into direct contact with the eye. The Danish Technological Institute assesses this effect to be less than that of natural lemons and fruit juice.”

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