New and environmentally friendly provider for fire retardant impregnation of wood in Benelux

From April 2018, a new pressure impregnation facility for fire retardant will be established in Ostend. The facility will be able to offer impregnation of fire retardant in sawn timber and plywood using 100% natural and non-toxic product.
Lemahieu and Burnblock® has entered an agreement resulting in that Lemahieu will offer the impregnation for the Benelux – using Burnblock® as the fire retardant.

BURNBLOCK® is environmentally tested and documented in collaboration with independent 3rd party institutes, and all fire tests are performed on some of the most recognised test institutes in Europe such as RI.SE (SP-Fire) in Sweden, MPA in Germany and BRE I, Great Britain.

Emphasis has also been placed on the latest technology in connection with the establishment of the new impregnation facility. Lemahieu has therefore invested in the latest technology to ensure the correct recording and factual reporting in the treatment itself. As the sawn timber and plywood always has to be dried after treatment, Lemahieu will also invest in new drying capacity.

Mike Lemahieu: “We have been committed to achieving both the best fire technology, as well as environmental features. With BURNBLOCK®, we are looking forward to sending one of the best and most environmentally friendly fire retardant products on the market in Benelux. For a period of time we have been following the development and demand for fire-impregnated wood and boards, but have not been willing to enter production, primarily due to the many inequalities on the market“, Lemahieu says.
“But when the opportunity came with BURNBLOCK®, there was no doubt - we are doing the best of the best to do. Their ingredient has been documented as 100% natural and non-toxic, it is a 100% degradable material with all the benefits that follow. Burnblock® fits 100% into Lemahieu’s strategy creating an added value to our natural products, timber and panels. Fire technology wise BURNBLOCK® is in a class of its own, with a thoroughly tested product and a world patent, and with many years of documented development and investment.”

Mike Lemahieu                     Hroar Bay-Smidt
Lemahieu Houtimport           Burnblock®

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